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 Vatican After Hours Private Tour

2-Hour Visit of Vatican Museums after it Closes to General Public
  In our opinion:
  Unique experience ! Best of the best of Vatican Museums in two hours after the Museums close to general public. Tours run every Friday from April to October
  In our customers' opinion:
  " We are visiting again and want to see the
Sistine Chapel without crowds. We are
not interested in Vatican Museums which we had seen on previous visit " Murray Chamberlain, York, U.K.

Why Go
Take advantage of Vatican opening it doors after hours.  Every Friday in September and October you will be able to view the Vatican Museums collection
after hours when the crowds are gone. This new program will allow access to the Vatican Museums to only limited number of guests and offer
unique opportunity to visit the Sistine Chapel and Vatican art collection undisturbed by crowds

WHY GO View Vatican Museums and the Sistine Chapel after Vatican closes to general public.
Limited number of guests. Tickets with timed admissions. 

Ancient Roman and Greek statues, Dutch Tapestries Gallery, breathtaking Gallery of Maps,,Raphael Rooms with world famous School of Athens,
the Sistine Chapel with Michelangello's Ceiling and the Last Judgement, Vatican Library.

All in company of friendly Vatican licensed guide explained to you in your native language, as you walk through half empty Vatican.

Tour Highlights

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