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 Taormina and Mount Etna

8-Hour Port of Call Excursion
  In our opinion:
  The most popular tour in the area with beautiful vistas
  In our customers' opinion:
  "The views from Greek theatre in Taormina and Vesuvius were breathtaking" Gloria Morrison and Family, Frankfurt, Germany

Why Go
This is by far the most popular tour for cruisers and holiday makers in the area. It combines unique sceneries and outstanding monuments. Ascent Mt Etna up to Crateri Silvestri (about 6000 ft) and explore Taormina in a magnificent position on the spur of Mt Taurus.

We drive to Mt. Etna, Sicily's tallest peak and one of Europe's most famous active volcanos. Upon arrival we will visit the area of 2.000 mts (6.000 ft) with the Crateri Silvestri. Time at leisure, Then, we will move on to Taormina. Here, you'll visit the most impressive monument of the city: the Greco-Roman Theatre. It has the finest site of any theatre in the world and one of the most striking monuments of antiquity. Then, walk on to the Villa Comunale: the public gardens which are planted with a huge variety of flowering plants and shrubs ranging from the most common to the exotic. Time at leisure in the Corso

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