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  Rome Day Trips

If you only have a short time and it's your first visit to Italy Rome is something you can't miss.

But if you have more time take advantage of Rome perfect location to visit the countryside and surrounding villages and sites like Ostia Antica, Etruscan Cerveteri, Tivoli or Orvieto or make further Rome Day trips afield to Pompeii and Amalfi Coast or Tuscany and Umbria.

Choose from our list of 13 Rome half day and full day trips.

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Rome Experiences
in Rome

- viewing Romes panorama from Gianiculum Hill
- taking a coffe break at Cafe San Eustachio near Panthoeon
- riding a bike with my kids in Villa Borghese
- playing archeologist under St. Clemente Church in Rome
- walking the cobble stones of Appian Way
- studying Caravaggio in San Luigi dei Francesi Church
- having the best ice cream of my life at Giolitti
- window shopping at Via Condotti

on a Day Trip from Rome

- visiting the Duomo in Orvieto
- taking photographs of rolling hills of Tuscany in Val Dorcia
- climbing Mt Vesuvius
- studying Giotto in Assisi
- having lunch with view of Positano on Amalfi Coast
- walking the steps of St Benedict at the medieval monastery of Subiaco
- visiting World War II sites near Monte Cassino