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 from Florence to Rome via Pisa and along the Coast

10-Hour Transfer with En Route stops between Florence and Rome
  In our opinion:
  Pisa Leaning Tower, Super Tuscan Wine Country and Mediterranean Beaches on the Way to Rome
  In our customers' opinion:
  "We did not want to miss Pisa Leaning Tower, so it was a perfect stop on our way to Rome" Mary Frank with kids,

Why Go

The journey from Florence to Rome will take you along the coast of Mediterranean Sea with its blue waters, sandy beaches and pine trees along the road.

Pisa will be our first stop. Probably the most recognized symbol of Italy, the Leaning Tower remains one of the most frequently visited sites. After years of engineering to stop it from leaning even more andfrom falling, it has been now open to the limited number of visitors. With pre booked visit you will have the chance to marvel at Pisa's panorama. Complete your Pisa exploration with the visit of the Cathedral and Baptistery.

Further on the way we will break for lunch in a picturesque medieval town of Bolgheri surrounded by Tuscan viniards famous for Super Tuscan Wines.

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