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 from Florence to Rome via Siena

9-Hour Transfer with En Route Stops
  In our opinion:
  Visit of Siena and Galss of Wine at Amorosa Wine Resort on the Way to Rome
  In our customers' opinion:
  Beautiful Siena, unforgettable Amorosa. I wish we had more time ! Peter McCarley, Houston, USA

Why Go
The drive from Florence to Rome will take you along some of the most beautiful landscape of Tuscany. After a an hour drive you will arrive in Siena, your major stop on the way to Eternal city.

Siena, considered by many the most beautiful mid size town of Italy, transports you back to medieval ages. It has preserved its original character more then any other city in Italy and today is a showcase of Italian Gothic.  A three hour stop will allow you to explore its most famous sites including the Cathedral and il Campo, the main square and have lunch in one of the local trattorias.

Your second stop is planned in L'Amorosa wine resort for a glass of wine and picture session. L'Amorosa is a dream destination, a place you will not want to leave.

The drive to Rome takes you now along the valey of Tiber with distan hills of Umbria and hill top villages on the way.

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