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 Between Florence and Venice

8-Hour Transfer with En Route Stops
  In our opinion:
  Transfer with Ferrari, Pavarotti and Balsamic Viniger on the Way.
  In our customers' opinion:
  "The boys loved the fast cars, the girls enjoyed learning about balsamic vinegar, and all loved the food" Jane Gaby with family. Frankfurt, Germany

Why Go

Your Lecture-Guide-Driver picks you up in Florence and drop you off in Venice . But, not before you experience wheels of speed and wheels of Modena balsamic viniger .

Your first stop is Maranello and the famous Galleria Ferrari. This museum honors the style, speed and elegance of these engineering marvels. Ferrari is synonymous with sleekness and seduction, wooing many during its reign as premier automotive manufacturer.

The next wheel you see costs roughly US$ 100 a tiny bottle . Made the traditional way and aged for 25 years balsamic viniger is a culinary and gastronomic marvel. You will visit the place where it is made and taste this precious liquid.

And how can we leave Emilia Romagna region without trying its ham and parma cheese Like its Parmesan partner, Prosciutto di Parma is indigenous to the region and produced with the same reverence (cured for at least 12 months) that made it a favorite of nobility centuries ago. Ham never had it so good. Follow the steps of Pavarotti and try them out at his favourite restaurant in Modena .

The drive through Region Emilia with ample time for food, fun and fantastic memories before you arrived, sated and content, in Venice.

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